domingo, 8 de abril de 2012

International Kimono Auctions

Before to very long,I want to wish you a Happy Ostara,and thank to my readers for the kind comments in other previous posts.
I want to announce International Kimono Auctions(IKA),that is a place on Facebook where you can sell or buy kimono-related itens. We have members from USA,Europe,and all around the world,and everyone is enjoying the idea and have fun selling and buying kimono, in a special page just for it. I created the page some weeks ago and a lot of people joined,and I love how friendly the page's atmosphere is. Since eBay and other websites charge a lot of fees for you to list your itens,you can do it now for free on IKA,and you'll have many kimono lovers around the world interested in your itens! You can submit a resquest to join here:

Thank you and happy purchases!

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