quinta-feira, 29 de abril de 2010

My kakeshita finally arrived!

I have my kakeshita,finally! (^o^)/ i'm so happy! i put it on just to try it and i couldn't believe my image at the mirror...the sleeves almost touch in the ground and the tail of the kakeshita is very very long,more even than a hikizuri's.
i need to learn how to dress kakeshita well and then i will dress it with my embroided obi with peacock motif.
My dream came true!
(Popochi,my pink hipo was so curious about it that jump over the kakeshita and start smelling it xD i think she likes it too)

terça-feira, 27 de abril de 2010

This is not a Maiko's Hikizuri! Be careful!

Recently on Ebay,a seller called Kyoto.Antique is selling what he/she says to be maiko hikizuri's.
Be careful! this is not a hikizuri,but a bride's kakeshita!
You can clearly see it by the rose motif and by the sleeves.The sleeves of a maiko's hikizuri have tucks,wich make the maiko's hikizuri an unique kimono.
You can read more information on this link:
Hope this helps you to make the right purchase!
By the way,here's the link of this kakeshita's auction:

quarta-feira, 21 de abril de 2010

Ebay updates: ryujapan-99

Well,i almost faint when i've saw today ryujapan's updates.
i've falled in love with this furisode:


and this ones too:



an there was a stunning uchikake with Heian Hime:

i wish i have a gold mine xD eheh

Ichiroya's updates - today

In this right moment 2 new kakeshita have been listed at Ichiroya. If you are looking for one with a good price,hurry up! kakeshita are quite rare to find,specially for a nice price.
Sometimes they don't say everything they are listing,so be sure to check every section and you may be surprised.
Fabulous Maru obi have been listed to. i wish i could bought this one:

it is so stunning,though it was to expensive and someone got it.

There is as well an amazing Koto cover here:
it has amazing peacock design.

they always have beautiful things!

terça-feira, 13 de abril de 2010

The Ichimatsu sweet doll called Momochi

I just won a stunning Ichimatsu gofun doll at ebay! she is so sweet and beautiful. She will be the first gofun doll i have. I called her momochi (little peach),and i'm anxious for her to arrive at my home ^^
As she will arrive i'll show some photos of her.

Happy happy happy desu!


quinta-feira, 8 de abril de 2010

Finally i did it!

Today i got astonished with myself. Well,with the suprise itself!
I just bought the Kakeshita i wanted and dreamed so since last christmas! i'm so...i can't even speak. I feel so happy!

I couldn't believe when i saw the news at Ichiroya's. Two kakeshita have been listed!*miracle*
i haven't seen a kakeshita at Ichiroya's store since the last year.
Just for the price of $28 (O.o) i really couldn't believe my eyes and so i've choose one of them. with the SAL shipping the total cost was just $56.Isn't it great? *-*

I just want to kiss Yuka san in the moment(my ichiroya's idol x3)!

I finally make my dream come true ^^


terça-feira, 6 de abril de 2010


Hello,i'm Kimichisai and this is my kimono blog!
I'm European and love all about kimono and Japanese culture. Some of you know me from Flickr or Deviant art. It will be a pleasure to share ideas and tastes with you! ^^
Of course i'm not an expert of kimono,but someday i hope to be. My dream is to be an Artist and travel a lot.

nice to meet you!