sexta-feira, 12 de julho de 2013

Kimono Fashion Contests!

Hey everyone!

I want you to know Worldwide Kimono Fashion.
It's a project which goal is to make people wear kimono more often and show their unique styles by making online fashion contests. The project centers itself on that, but there will be much other things comming.
It's for everyone around the world! anyone can participate by sending their entries to the email provided.
At the moment there is a contest going on - the summer kimono contest - and you can participate until 21st July. You can find more information here.

In this contest you can do a kitsuke with yukata, Ro, Sha, or other kimono appropriated for the season. You just need to be creative and present a beautiful summer kitsuke!
The contests usually have a single winner, and a group called Best Kitsuke(which can be 5 or 3 participants depending on the contest). The Best Kitsukes have their photo posted on the page, and the winner gets their place on the page header. It's being studied the possibility of having prizes(kimono-related itens) in future contests, but for now it's intented that everyone participates just for fun!
A magazine of all the contests might be made at the end of the year with the photos of every contest winner and Best Kitsukes, so stay tunned to this creative project if you love kimono fashion. ^ ^

Ookini and enjoy kimono!