segunda-feira, 9 de janeiro de 2012


Do you ever felt that all the people around you,seem to be always in the right place at the right time?
And you are the one always on the wrong place at the wrong time?
That's how I feel all the time. And people keep asking me "what's wrong with you?" or "you are absolutely crazy".
I will never forget that day, where a lady told me this: "You have so much sadness in your eyes...".

I decided that I will not impose myself anymore. If people for some reason feel fascinated with me or want me to show them my oddness,they can just ask.
I will never make a fool figure anymore,nor insist to people like the way I am. I'm really tired of being the clown.

I will just be mundane. I will only show my kimono to people who love it as well and are interested. If there's no one,I will just enjoy my own company reflected in the mirror.

There is just so much things that don't deserve the effort.
I'm tired.