segunda-feira, 9 de janeiro de 2012


Do you ever felt that all the people around you,seem to be always in the right place at the right time?
And you are the one always on the wrong place at the wrong time?
That's how I feel all the time. And people keep asking me "what's wrong with you?" or "you are absolutely crazy".
I will never forget that day, where a lady told me this: "You have so much sadness in your eyes...".

I decided that I will not impose myself anymore. If people for some reason feel fascinated with me or want me to show them my oddness,they can just ask.
I will never make a fool figure anymore,nor insist to people like the way I am. I'm really tired of being the clown.

I will just be mundane. I will only show my kimono to people who love it as well and are interested. If there's no one,I will just enjoy my own company reflected in the mirror.

There is just so much things that don't deserve the effort.
I'm tired.


8 comentários:

Kumiko disse...

I love your blog.It is very beautiful.

~Kimichisai~ disse...

Thank you so much,Kumiko-san ^^

Karina Schaapman disse...

greetings from

Lalique disse...

happy to visit here
from Turkey
I love Japan so much

mkq disse...

why not visit japan then? kyoto especially, since your interests seem to lie in traditional japanese culture. go for your dreams. :3 頑張ってね!

Bebe Taian disse...

Are you in Portugal? It is difficult there, isn't it? I think it would be the same way for me if I had moved to Bolivia with my father. They think too badly of Japan, and anyone who isn't white, too. It is too much. My mother thinks I am crazy for my clothes, but I will wear them anyways. Learning to dress properly takes time. I am still learning new things after ten years!

Please at least keep an outlet for your dreams! Never give up. Do not break for someone else. If nothing else, there is this blog. We will read it.

~Kimichisai~ disse...

Mkq,Thank you for your comment. I will go for sure,but a ticket to Kyoto is very expensive,so I will have to save money during some years to go. I wish I could live there.

~Kimichisai~ disse...

Bebe Taian,yes,I live in Portugal. Is very difficult to wear kimono here. People keep staring at you like if you were mad. Some make jokes of you and put you down. Is very hard. I'm the head of my country kimono community,and I've been throught a hard time with people. Learning how to dress takes time,patience and dedication.My mother doesn't understands me too,so it's hard. I thank you for your words,is people like you that keep my hope alive. Thanks!