sábado, 23 de junho de 2012

Rare Kimono & Obi Project

Hello to all my readers!
As some of you know,I'm working in a big project,to make/recreate rare kimono and obi.
This is something that completes me as an artist,and my passion for antique and rare kimono. Most of you must know that,is very rare to find some patterns those days,and also the wish to have one and can't find is very frustrating for many collectors and lovers.
Well,now on I will be making kimono and obi with those hard-to-find patterns. I started with this blue nagoya obi here. It was my first one,so with it I've learned wich mistakes not to make when working with obi. I was very happy how it came out,and I also discovered that this was something I love to do. It's a hard work of patience and concentration,and also many dedication and time.
I will be making many things now on,not only kimono and obi,but also hikizuri and wedding kimono. This last two are a little more complicated,but is something that I will make in a near future.

I also give much value to opinions from kimono lovers,so I would like to know your tastes and preferences. I would be very thankful if every single person could take a moment to answer this polls bellow,since they will help me decide wich pattern to use in my next try.

Wich animal pattern would you love to see on Obi?

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Wich animal pattern would you love to see on Kimono?

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Thank you so much! m(_ _)m