sábado, 22 de outubro de 2011

Koma Geta!

This pair you see of koma geta is....mine! ^^
I was desperated to find one pair long,long ago.But if okobo are rare,then this ones are almost unexistent.I was so tired of not finding them,that I searched eBay.I saw a seller that makes geta,but no signal of koma geta in his listings.I wondered...why not ask? if he make geta,he can also make koma geta.For my surprise,he said "yes,I have 6 pairs" and show me the photos.I was just...wow O.o
Pure luck!

sábado, 15 de outubro de 2011


Last post I talked about some projects of selling I has.
Well,since eBay seller taxes are very high,and Etsy only allows you to have an account if you have a credit card,I won't be able to sell my crafts,unless there is any other place in the web I can do it without the needing of pay or have credit card <_<
But I will show you some of the Obidome I've made ^_^ you can also give suggestions for different designs I should use.I could make a tiny website to sell it(I'm pretty good on turning simple blogs in websites XD),but I know people won't feel safe to buy there and I totally understand.I would feel the same if was me the buyer.

Bunny Obidome,handpainted.All my design.

Gold Fish Obidome.It has painted lips XD All the design and paint made by me.

I hope you enjoy and I really would like to have your opinion about them.thank you!