sábado, 15 de outubro de 2011


Last post I talked about some projects of selling I has.
Well,since eBay seller taxes are very high,and Etsy only allows you to have an account if you have a credit card,I won't be able to sell my crafts,unless there is any other place in the web I can do it without the needing of pay or have credit card <_<
But I will show you some of the Obidome I've made ^_^ you can also give suggestions for different designs I should use.I could make a tiny website to sell it(I'm pretty good on turning simple blogs in websites XD),but I know people won't feel safe to buy there and I totally understand.I would feel the same if was me the buyer.

Bunny Obidome,handpainted.All my design.

Gold Fish Obidome.It has painted lips XD All the design and paint made by me.

I hope you enjoy and I really would like to have your opinion about them.thank you!

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SuperGrouper disse...

I think that ArtFire is free until you sell something (and then have to pay fees) but it's been so long since I've been on it, I don't remember...

Big Cartel has a free plan which is great for startup artists: http://bigcartel.com/signup (the gold plan = free)

LiveJournal is also often used for people who collect and sell various things- I often use it to buy and sell Pullip dolls and their accessories. There are various communities for different types of selling, and people can leave feedback, etc. It's very convenient- and unlike Blogger, there aren't rules against using LiveJournal for commercial stuff- hence the plethora of sales journals. (I *think* it may be possible to embed Paypal shopping cart into it, too- but I forget.)

I hope that those can be of some use to you.

~Kimichisai~ disse...

Thank you so much for your help,I appreciate it ^^ It is needed some credit card to sell there? I hope not :/