quarta-feira, 13 de abril de 2011

3 Darari Obi for Sale

I just want to inform to all maiko lovers that are three darari obi for sale on ebay:

the prices are growing every day as i've never seen before. I won't be able to get one,but i hope someone who really loves maiko and japanese culture have them.Darari obi appears once in a year so that's your chance!

I wish you luck on your bids (^^)/

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SilberRegen disse...

The prices got incredibly high for all of them. I didn't get one either, wonder who did?

~Kimichisai~ disse...

Immortal Geisha's members got at least the green and the gold. i don't know about the other one. But yes,the prices went so high that was astonishing.

Kumiko disse...

Hello Kimichisai!
These Darari-obi are very beautiful!
Thank you for visiting my blog!
Her name is "Takamari".I'm so sorry I'm late to answer for you.
And thank you for your"Please Donate" post for Japan!We appreciate you very much.
Please take care,I love your blog

Lina Kim ♥ disse...

awee. what a beautiful darari obi =D

Kumiko disse...

Thank you for asking me about Furisode.Today I'm working now,so after I finish work,I'll reply to you.so please wait.Thank you.