domingo, 14 de outubro de 2012

Lolita Hikizuri

I want to thank to a friend of mine, who had the kindness of offering me this hikizuri, in a moment I could not afford it again, and thought I would lost it again. I am so thankful and happy, to know that sometimes there are angels out there...Thank you. (You know who you are ;3)
Me and this kimono also have a funny story.
I saw it for the first time about 2(or 3?) years ago,when I was beginning my kimono collection. I just fell in love for it. Not just for being a o-hikizuri,but for being such an odd hikizuri with this kind of western design.
At the time I could not even dream to afford it,but even so,I saved money for some months,and then when I finally had enough...someone bought it.
I felt a little down when that happened,because I tried really hard to save the money for it,and it was not easy at all. I had even made a price offer to the seller before that,and he declined.
I just forgot about it.
And then,some weeks ago,this hikizuri just appeared again like magic. The seller was the same,so it seems that they didn't sell it after all and had it all this time.
Of course I had no hopes of winning the auction,but I got really surprised in the end. The auction just ended by the same price I had offered to the seller 2 years ago...coincidence,maybe?
But even so, school fees appeared and I had to cancel the purchase. It got relisted, and when I thought it was gone forever... a friend just gave it to me. I was just "Is this for real?"... I can only tell that I just love so much this kimono, and I can't explain why. Maybe because it has my favorite flowers as motif and also some of my favorite colors. Special kimono like this don't appear often. It's just like my sakura tree geiko's hiki. It's a fine and stunning piece of wearable art like no other.
I believe this is a stage piece,maybe it had belonged to an onnagata. It is also a signed kimono,so maybe it is from a known artist,I don't know.
It is lenghted as you can see,and it is too tall(about 220cm tall),and also has lenghted sleeves.
I'm thinking of contacting a professional seam to take the lenghted parts away,since I don't need such a big kimono,I'm a shorty after all,180cm would be more than enough for me to give me a nice kimono trail.
I called it lolita hikizuri because of the colors. Baby blue,baby pink and white are usually colors much used by lolita ^^ ~
the hiyoku is from a wine red,wich is also a very beautiful color.
A japanese friend of mine,wich is a kabuki actor and dance teacher,told me that this kind of design is very unusual,and it might be done for an unique play,maybe more western due the design of the ribbons and lillies.
It is all silk,so it is not an odori hikizuri for sure. It is indeed a mysterious kimono!