sábado, 24 de novembro de 2012

Famous Hikizuri

If you read my last post,
you see that I posted a beautiful hikizuri with strange uncommon western motives.
Well, I discovered it was no ordinary kimono indeed. 
This hikizuri was designed by the British designers David & Elizabeth Emanuel, who designed the wedding dress of Diana, Princess of Wales.
David and Elizabeth have now separated brands, so I sent a message to Elizabeth asking for more information about this piece. This was her answer:

"The kimono you have bought was designed by David Emanuel and myself under the "Emanuel" brand in the early eighties when we were designing Kimonos for the Japanese market. 
Its lovely to see them again!

Best wishes Elizabeth Emanuel"

How amazing is that? 
I still don't know why it is lenghtned, in the center and both shoulders. I'm not imagining a geisha with this kind of odd kimono with tiny sparkles all over it, so, my thought is that it was for stage performance, for an Onnagata. But then, it is not synthetic, and so it cannot be washed and that will not be good for a stage piece that is worn in several performances. I believe only old stage kimono were from silk, and this one is not so old. It is from silk, all of it, and it weights around 5 Kg. So I start to wonder, could it be a customized piece for a famous person? Western women are mostly tall, so 220cm would be a need to give a good trail to a person that is 170cm tall. I saw princess Diana sometimes dressing in kimono, at least when she visited Japan, but I don't think this kimono could have been worn by her. If it was, I'm sure it should exist a photo somewhere. And that being said, I don't know, first I have to discover if her, or other known person, would love lillies and ribbons. And this kimono could have even been customized for someone in Japan, who knows? I cannot imagine this hikizuri being worn on stage, not only because things I already referred before, but also because I don't know any japanese play where lillies and ribbons will be a needed motif.  But then I don't know enough of kabuki, so if anyone could help me I would be very thankful. I will be dressing it on late December or January, and then I will post some photos. I'm still searching for a obi that could match this stunning hikizuri, a embroided collar for the juban, and other accessories. I hope to do the kitsuke this piece deserves!

For more information about the designer's sign in the kimono, please take a look here:

Hikizuri Sign