quinta-feira, 8 de abril de 2010

Finally i did it!

Today i got astonished with myself. Well,with the suprise itself!
I just bought the Kakeshita i wanted and dreamed so since last christmas! i'm so...i can't even speak. I feel so happy!

I couldn't believe when i saw the news at Ichiroya's. Two kakeshita have been listed!*miracle*
i haven't seen a kakeshita at Ichiroya's store since the last year.
Just for the price of $28 (O.o) i really couldn't believe my eyes and so i've choose one of them. with the SAL shipping the total cost was just $56.Isn't it great? *-*

I just want to kiss Yuka san in the moment(my ichiroya's idol x3)!

I finally make my dream come true ^^


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