terça-feira, 8 de fevereiro de 2011


well,just to put something new on my blog since i haven't taken photos in kimono recently.
So there's the news: My bunny has babies! they are sooo cute!
they are 6 and born february 1.
they are my pride and joy *_*

hope you enjoy the pic!

3 comentários:

Kumiko disse...

I love your Obi Rabbit Rose and Orizuru Murasaki!
And your first kimono photo is really nice!

~Kimichisai~ disse...

Thank you so much,Kumiko-san! that obi and hikizuri where very though to get.But they are very pretty indeed! ^.^

ROTA disse...

Your baby bunnies are so cute, really adorable.
greetings Rota