terça-feira, 9 de novembro de 2010

Wave Storm

Wonderful,yet strange,i've won this dance hikizuri for only 29$(without shipping). No one else bid so was my chance *_* It has some strange mistery and beauty.
There have been a lot of hikizuris on ebay lately,and they are not so expensive as we first tought. keep on looking,you may get one like this!

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Aichi disse...

It is more a glittering wave storm :D
Really a "strange" beauty, but nice and also elegant.


Christina King disse...

I would put bright white and pink obi to it, ones thats hopefully also kinda shiny!

OOOR hold on let me find the link


like toshihana's obi here!!

Christina King disse...


~Kimichisai~ disse...

Thank you all!
thank you so much for your sugestion,Christina! it's a beautiful obi,i'll be watching it.